2018 - 2019 Game: Turning Point

The 2018 - 2019 game Turning Point involves many features of preceding games while also adding in new touches to make the game more fun and challenging. This season's game requires flipping caps to a players' alliance color to gain points. They can be set on high posts for more points. Alliances also have to flip flags to their alliances' color. This year's competition is mainly about changing everything to a teams' alliance's color. Robots also gain points by staying on certain platforms of their alliance's color. We hope to see how this season progresses and how our own teams will do.


Watch Video For Current Game Below

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Vex is a game, so there are bound to be some rewards! Vex has a multitude of different trophies for teams to win, but they aren't simple to earn. Teams can get awards such as the skills award, goes to the team that had a great combination of programming AND building. Some other ones are the Engineering Notebook award, which is awarded to the team with the best engineering notebook, or the excellence award, which is given to the team with all-around top performance, on and off the field. The awards are also given in two separate divisions, middle school, and high school. You can learn more about it at We hope to get many awards this season and add to our set. 



We have earned many awards over the years. Currently, we have 2 excellence awards, 3 design awards, 1 Judges award, and 1 sportsmanship award. We are hoping to get more awards this year and in the future. 

Vex Online Challenges:

While VEX is mainly robotics, not everyone is interested in that sort of thing. So to branch out to more people, they started The REC Foundation Online Challenges! The challenges usually have something to do with robotics like creating a program for an online robot simulator! And the best part, PRIZES! If you win the challenges, you are rewarded with cool prizes like free tickets for Vex Worlds, the highest vex competition or a check just for your own personal use. These challenges can be done with a group or by yourself. You can learn more about the challenges on the website here: 


How to join Crestview Vex:

Crestview has a very selective application program. In the 2018-2019 year alone, only our third year of Vex at Crestview, more than 30 new members tried to join. Less than 15 of them got in. And out of that, only 4 of them were 8th graders. Our head mentor, Dr. Lady goes through every application herself and looks for certain details: teamwork skills, building or coding experience, availability, motivation and more. In the application, students must write a detailed paragraph or two explaining why they should be chosen for vex. Anyone who doesn't write the paragraph will immediately be removed from the selection. 

*** Important: Unfortunately, we are currently not taking new applicants. Sign up is near the beginning of the school year. ***