50566A - Team 50566A

Bryan  - Team Captain - 8th

Zach  - Team Captain - 8th

Niko  - 8th

Nicholas  - 7th

Ronith  - 7th

Vickram  - 7th

Pranit  - 7th

Team A's Bios tell us what the members' roles are and what they hope to accomplish this year as well as a bit about themselves. 

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-04 at 8.13.49 PM

1-3-19: Team A's robot, ready for motor and brain installation.

Zachary 8th-Team Captain & Builder

6th-grade year VEX robotics was introduced at Crestview Middle school. I’ve always been fascinated with putting things together and technology. I signed up and on the first day, I knew that VEX was going to be my passion. I went on to obtain caption and went on through 7th and now 8th grade. Every week is like a new challenge and I love it. I want to keep going with robotics for the majority of my life. It had very positively affected me and I really appreciate it.

Nicholas 8th- Programmer & Game Strategist

Growing up as a kid I loved to play and build with Legos. When my mom would take me to Target I would run through the Lego section hoping to find the Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon or something like that. What did I get for Christmas? Legos. What did I get for my birthday? Still Legos. I was also very athletic and I love any activity outside such as biking, camping, fishing, skiing and many more. As I came into middle school I became fascinated with technology and how fast technology is improving and with all the new inventions people have created I feel a little left out because I have no clue how people made these inventions and what all the parts were. Because of this, I made myself a goal and my goal was to become some sort of an engineer when I grow up so I could get the slightest hint of how the technology works or create an invention that could change the world. So when my mom discovered Vex Robotics I didn't even hesitate to say yes.

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1/3/19 - Pranit, Ronit, and Vikram working on their team's code and engineering notebooks.

Bryan 8th-Team Captain/ Lead builder

Hello, my name is Bryan. This is my final year of VEX robotics in Crestview Middle School. Over the years being part of a team and making my way to a team captain teaching a new generation of kids of robotics is teamwork. One person isn’t a team, it takes teamwork, hard work, and the love of the game to be a team. Last year we made it to quarterfinals of state. I hope to make it past state and go to worlds.


Vikram and Pranit making robot designs using different online design platforms. 

Ronith 7th-Programmer & Engineering Notebook

In this year’s VEX Robotics season, I am really excited to learn new things and improve on the areas and skills I still need to work on. My hobbies include coding, reading, and playing video games. I also play tennis, not to brag, which I am pretty good at. More about me, I already have some background knowledge with robotics and programming and hope to learn new things, for the VEX robots and programming languages are different. I am excited about learning C++ which will prove to be useful later in my career and life. Having previous experience in the FIRST Lego League (FLL for short) with the Mindstorm programming language and using Lego Technic pieces. I work well in a team so that most likely won’t be a problem with me. I also love problem-solving and enjoy challenging myself in different ways. I hope to grow into the position of captain or website manager. Both roles, I hope, will be very beneficial to me so that I can be an effective member of this year’s robotics team.

Pranit Vaikuntam-Builder & Game Strategist

My name is Pranit Vaikuntam and I am in the 7th-grade gold hall. In school, I like to read books and study for tests and quizzes. Outside the school, I do swimming, tennis, and I play the violin. I also do FLL in my free time with my friends. FLL or First Lego League is a robotics competition that consists of two parts: the robot game and the project. In the robot game, we program our robot to complete missions and go around obstacles. I the project we have to think of an innovative solution to a real-world problem. Throughout FLL we have to show leadership and teamwork skills. I wanted to join Vex because I wanted to do more advanced robotics and Programming. I wanted to challenge myself more. I like robotics because I enjoy working in a team, and I like seeing the robot moving around on its own. I’ve always been fascinated with putting things together and technology. I signed up and on the first day, I knew that I was going to love VEX.


9/13/18 - Mr. Matt showing Nick one of the old robots. 

Vikram  7th- Builder & Designer

My name is Vikram Check and I'm in 7th grade. It is a pleasure to be part of VEX robotics and I hope to learn a lot. I love to play cricket because of how fun it is. Besides cricket, I play golf which is my favorite sport. When I have time to watch TV, I like to watch Fullmetal Alchemist and I also play video games, specifically Fortnite.                            

What I’m most excited about VEX is building robots, programming and use them to solve problems. I aspire to choose a career which designs robots,  such as computer scientists or aerospace engineers. I like to shape my experiences at VEX towards my career aspirations. But I overall, want to have a good time and learn new things.


10/4/18 - Team A working on their robot. 

Niko 8th grade- Lead Programmer

My name is Niko, and I like VEX a lot. The moment they introduced VEX as an afterschool activity I knew I wanted to do it and I did. Robotics has been one of the only things I like at school, alongside VEX is PE and lunch, some pretty contradicting activities. Programming, in general, has always seemed cool to me, so I’ve pursued that liking in VEX.

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Team A's chassis at the beginning of the 2019 Year. 

Bryan showing a new 7th grader some building basics. 

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Niko and Nick programming their team's code.