Team 50566D - Team LunaTechs

Dhruv  - Captain - 8th grade

Aditya  - Captain - Website Manager - 8th

Dhanvi  - 8th

Kyle  -7th

David  - 7th

Saarth - 7th

Atharva  - 8th 

My name is Atharva Untawale. I am in 8th grade. I am interested in building and programming. I used to do robotics last year, that went so interesting. Teamwork is my favorite thing in robotics. I can’t wait to see what happens.

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50566D Passages

- Each team was asked to write a short passage for the website talking about what their team role is and what they hope to accomplish this year. 

My name is Dhruv and I am a co-captain of the team 50566D also known as the Lunatechs.  I am mainly into programming although I am also a bit interested in building. I have been in the CMS Vex program since 7th grade, with no prior robotics experience before that.  I have high hopes this year, and I think our team has the potential to make it to worlds this year.

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Hi, friends, my name is Saarth, I hope to accomplish the goal of the year which to make it to the game with a good and powerful robot and win the game. I am a programmer.

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My name is David, and I am a part of the 50566D Vex Team. On the team, I am the 3d Modeler / Graphic Designer and part of the building team. In addition, I am the assistant builder. I want to contribute to our team and make sure that the 50566D team does the best we can.

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10/11/18 Atharva, Saarth, and David trying out different designs and modifying their online designs for the upcoming design challenge. 

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Hello, my name is Dhanvi. I am interested in building and programming.  I have been doing Vex for 2 years now and I feel good about our team this year.  I am really excited to be starting Vex again this year and I hope we all have a great year.

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Hi, my name is Aditya and I a co-captain for 50566D and the website manager for CMS Vex. I am the head builder for my team and a mentor for younger and new members of VEX. I think that we have a lot of potential of making it to VEX worlds this year.

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Hello, my name is Kyle. I am a journalist for the lunatechs. I hope to accomplish a robot that is made to hit the high flag. And to find a way to flip the caps as well.


Kyle and Atharva setting up their robot's chassis

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Kyle's cone flipper.


David building part of his team's chassis. 

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Aditya and Atharva installing their robot's ball launcher. 

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Dhruv building the control code for his team's controller.


Saarth and Atharva building a gear train. 

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David designing the tire for his team's online challenge. 

For the Make It Real challenge, we had to design a special part that could be used with our robot. We designed a tire that has treads for better traction and can also be used as a flywheel or a suction-like grabber. For the challenge, we had to write an essay talking about our tire and how it can be used in the game. Here is a link to the essay: LINK

Online Challenge: Make It Real AutoCAD
Online Challenge: Dell Website Challenge 

The very website that you are using right now was designed for the Dell Sponsored website challenge, where teams had to design a website talking about their teams, outreach, and other activities. 

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