Team 50566E - Team "Not Fast but Furious"

Abigail Ohms - Captain - 8th

Audrey Tang - Captain - 8th

Paige Menkhus - 8th 

Anika Talyan - 8th

Lisha Maganti - 7th

Sahra Shah - 8th

50566E Passages

- Each team was asked to write a short passage for the website talking about what their team role is and what they hope to accomplish this year. 

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Lisha - Builder, Coder, anything else.

Grade - 7th

I joined robotics because of my interest in technology and robots. I think I can work pretty well with others. I also have a little experience in Javascript, HTML/CSS.  I am very excited to be on this Vex team this year! From what I’ve heard, I’ll learn a lot being on this team! I also think I can contribute many things to this team.

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Abigail  - Captain

Grade - 8th

I was interested in becoming a part of VEX because for the past few years I have wanted to pursue robotics in the future as a possible career choice. I believed VEX would give me some experience in robotics to help me decide if I wanted to continue doing it in the future. This year, I’m excited to be a captain for the girl’s team alongside Audrey, and I hope we can lead our team to success.

Audrey  - Captain

Grade - 8th

I joined robotics because of my interest in the mechanisms and the technology of the robots. As a captain this year, I feel that it’s my responsibility that we not only try to win in VEX competitions but also have fun! I want everyone to enjoy being part of this team while still working hard and persevering. It is my goal to make sure everyone will still like robotics in the end, whether we have a good season or not.

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Paige - Builder, Coder, Online Challenge, Engineering Notebook

Grade - 8th

I am so lucky to be on a team this year and do not want to let my team down. I really want to learn how to program better and how to build robots properly that have a purpose other than waving and singing a song. I am so excited about this year's VEX team and am going to do my best. 

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Sahra - Online Challenge Coordinator, Engineering Notebook

Grade - 8th

I wanted to be in Vex for some time. I find robotics and technology very interesting. I'm so glad that I am on a girls team, and I believe that we will not go down without a fight until we win so bring it on.

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Anika - Head Builder, Coder

Grade - 8th

Being on a girls team is getting me even more excited about VEX, and all the possibilities that it can bring.I think that I can bring my different ideas and perspectives to my team.``

Online Challenge: Girl Powered


The girls of team 50566E decided to do the girl-powered challenge, in which they make a presentation about their journey through Vex. Their presentation talks about their pasts in Vex, how they overcame stereotypes, and what plan on doing this year and in the future. Here is the link to their presentation: LINK


10/11/18 Audrey (left) and Anika (right) prototyping a grabber to pick up balls during the game. 

Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 13.21.12.png

Sahara writing and drawing in her team's engineering notebook

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-04 at 8.13.49 PM

Team E's nine-bar lift

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-10 at 5.33.09 PM.

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Paige and Anika gathering parts for their robot


Anika building a part of their nine-bar lift

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-04 at 8.13.49 PM

Team E working on their robot

Audrey building a gear train for their chassis


Sahara working on their team's notebook