Mr. Matt

Mr. Matt is one of our most important coaches. He and Dr. Lady are in charge of the St. Louis Student Robotics Association (SLSRA) which sponsors our Vex teams. He shows us cool and new designs for our robots and helps us with our code and building.  


1. When did you and Dr. Lady first start SLSRA?

We started SLSRA in June 2016


2. What was your main goal when founding SLSRA?

When we started SLSRA, we wanted to have an organization that would be a resource for any team in the area.  We wanted to provide assistance in areas that teams often struggle with.  Even teams who build great robots often struggle to find outreach opportunities, doing fundraising, and managing budgets.  Also, teams have regular turnover, of students and mentors, and we wanted to give a little year-to-year continuity to teams by helping them manage their parts inventory.


3. What are your qualifications in robotics and engineering?

I have a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, and I have worked in the software industry for 25 years, but I first fell in love with student robotics as a spectator.  I am first and foremost a huge fan.

4. What are some of your goals for our Vex Teams this year?

 I personally love the VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) program for middle school.  I think the game is just the right level of challenge for middle school students, and I think the competitions are huge fun for that age group.  Many of the students will go on to join high school teams, where the pressure to win and advance is much greater, but in middle school, there is only the drive to learn and do your best. My goal for the CMS VEX teams is that all the students have fun, learn as much as they want about robotics, and develop good teamwork and group design skills.  All the students on our VEX teams will be well-prepared to contribute and eventually lead a high school robotics team.


Shrusti is one of our graduated Vex Members, who is currently part of the Marquette FTC ( First Tech Challenge) robotics team. She comes in to help us with our designs.


How is high school robotics different from middle school robotics?

We compete in a different competition (FTC). It’s harder and more competitive. The teams have a different challenge as well.


What was your fondest memory in CMS vex?

Going to state with my team (and like working with my team as well)


Is there any advice you would give to kids who want to continue robotics in high school?

Listen to what the upperclassmen say. Make sure you use your experience for the better of the team.


9/13/18 - Dr. Lady shows everyone the new storage area


9/20/18 - Mr. Matt shows everyone some new programs for this year's competition.


We asked all our mentors some questions about their roles. This page gives details about our CMS Vex mentors/teachers. 

Dr. Lady

Dr. Lady is our head coach who started Vex at Crestview. She helps us with our designs and robots. She sets up lots of meeting and other work days across the year. 


Why did you want to start coaching robotics?

I started coaching robotics in 2011 at Lafayette High School.  I was asked to help start robotics teams at CMS for many years, and coached a couple private FLL teams outside of school, then finally decided to start a robotics club at CMS.  I decided to do Vex because it goes along with the existing PLTW curriculum.


What is your favorite part of coaching?

The competitions - preparing for them, being at them, watching the students succeed at them.  The competitions give the students the opportunity to show what they have done, think critically, solve problems and be acknowledged for the hard work they do.


How do you think you we will do this year?

I am hopeful we will do very well this year.  My goals are for each team to compete in February and be successful meaning their robot is able to compete and their engineering notebook gives a complete analysis of the team’s journey.  My goal is for ⅗ teams to qualify for the State Championship, and for 1 team to move on to Worlds. In addition, we have an all-girls team this year, which is a first for CMS.


What is your top priority this year?

To see all of the Vex students enjoy themselves, learn something new, and realize they are STEM-capable! To see our 8th graders leave a great legacy for our 7th graders and for our robots to all work!


10/18/18: Shrushti  gives everyone important information on high school robotics and how to improve on our designs. 


9/20/18 - Mr. Matt shows two new members one of last year's robots.