• Aditya G.

Day 11: 1/3/19

Happy New Year to all Vex Members! Today was our first meeting after the new year began. As a pleasant surprise, the new V5 brains arrived early! Everyone has finished their wheel bases and they are working on attachments, such as claws and ball launchers. Many people are working on their online challenges as well. Online challenges are competitions that are available for all kinds of Vex students (VexIQ, VexEDR, VexU, etc.) and across all grades. The Vex competition date is February 2nd and everyone is very excited for the upcoming tournament. Signing out for now, Aditya.

Team C's current robot

Team D's Chassis with cone flipper and ball launcher.

Mr. Matt shows all the teams' head programmers the new V5 controls on a new clawbot.

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