• Aditya G.

Day 5: 10/18/18

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Everyone has been working very hard on their robot designs for the upcoming design challenge. Srushti, a CMS Vex Alumni, came in to help everyone improve on their designs and our engineering notebooks, which needed lots of work. We are still waiting on the new motors and brains, but the winners of the challenge will be able to choose from the items we currently have. We all are set into our teams and have chosen our roles on the team, such as head builder or assistant programmer. Many programmers are also trying out the new robot mesh coding system, which is used for the new Vex V5 system. We can't wait to start the competitions and are very excited to what this year of Vex brings. Signing out for now, Aditya.

A graduate CMS Vex member, Srushti, tells everyone important information on how to improve our designs and high school robotics.

Dhanvi and Atharva trying out the new code.

Team Not Fast But Furious collaborating and building a chassis.

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