• Aditya G.

Day 7: 11/8/18

The 8th of November was an eventful day, as we will not be having Vex for another two weeks due to cancellations and unavailability. The results for the Design Competition have finally come in! Team E, Not Fast but Furious, came in first place with Team C, Glitch, in a close second. Everyone chose their programming and building systems with options like Vex Coding Studio (VCS) and Robot-Mesh Studio were two of the programming options and teams could use either the old or new building systems. We are all excited to receive our parts soon and get to testing out different motors and programs. Signing out for now, Aditya.

Parthiv, of Team C, designing a gear train with wheels and treads.

Dhruv and Sam working on their teams' control code.

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