• Aditya G.

Third Day of VEX

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

The 28th of September was the 3rd day of VEX. Everyone got into their new teams and started their engineering notebooks, which can be used to win the design award at a Vex competition. We also decided to have a competition to win the right to use all the leftover parts first, as we had sent all of our motors and other motorized pieces to be replaced with new v5 parts. Teams will design a robot that will then be judged by our STEM director for our school district on October 29th for the leftover parts. We wish all of the teams the best of luck. Signing out for now, Aditya.

Two seventh graders trying out a new program for their design challenge.

Mr. Matt showing two new members one of last year's robots.

Anika and Audrey testing out a suction-like ball grabber prototype to grab balls in game.

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